2712, 2017

What You Need to Know About Hard and Soft Water

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You may have heard the phrase thrown around in your daily life, but a surprising number of homeowners don’t know what the term “hard” water means. Hard water, soft water, it’s water for goodness sake, [...]

2302, 2017

Want to Find a Plumber? Click Here!

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It’s a good feeling when every component of your home is humming along, but homeowners know anything could go wrong at any given time, especially when it comes to our home’s plumbing. Modern plumbing is [...]

902, 2017

How Often Should a Plumber Check Your Pipes?

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When you think of how many different parts and components make up a home’s modern plumbing system, it’s surprising that they don’t break more often. Even when a plumbing system is perfectly installed to code, [...]

2009, 2016

Do You Need a Parker Plumbing Expert?

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Unless your home was built out in the woods or 200 years ago, you likely have modern plumbing snaking its way through your home. The modern plumbing system delivers water where it needs, and flushes [...]

1809, 2016

Why Are Plumbing Repairs Important?

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While you can’t see it, the modern American home is full of different pipes, connections, valves, pumps, heaters, and plenty of more components that make up your home’s plumbing. No matter how well the plumbing [...]

609, 2016

Why You Need a Parker Plumbing Expert

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The modern home just wouldn’t function the same without modern plumbing. Your home is likely full of different taps, valves, and pipes that get water to you or away from you at a moment’s notice. [...]